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Slide Projector Screen

The hahnel diaport am1000 is a large screen slide viewer projector that is perfect for projector-screen. Biz store projector-screen. Biz shop. With a built in display, this projector can present your product or information easily and quickly. Thehd display is perfect for any large spaces or any type of display. The am1000 model can present up to 12"x16" or 16"x24" resolution.

For Movie & Slide Projectors
Portable Projector Slide Movie Screen!

Vintage RARE Wood Case Da-Lite

By DA-LITE Versatol


Sliding Projector Screen

The sliding projector screen is perfect for showing movies or videos in a small space. It can be easily moved around to create a different look or feel. Plus, it can be used as a makeshift tv screen if there is none in the room. if you need a sliding projector screen for your next event, meeting, or movie, don't miss out on this option!

Slide Projector Screens

This is a slide projector screen that is very rare with a built in screen! It is in excellent condition and has a the usual slide projector technology on it. It is very easy to use, just project the image you want to watch on the screen and it will play the movie! This projector is also easy to set up and is ready to watch movies and tv shows on the go. the vintage brumberger project-a-scope is a great way to project your video or photo over a large screen. It's made of black plastic and has a large screen resolution of up to 24 inches. With its unusual shape, this projector screen slide into any room easily. this screen is a classic projector quality movie projector screen on a tripod slide projection. It features a vasque material that feels great in any hand. The 48x48 inch screen is good for large to large size movies. The projector is good for up to 36" in height. The screen is also include a tripod for easy projection. this unbranded handmade slide projector screen is perfect for viewing vintage 35mm slides. It is made out of quality materials and it provides a good level of visibility. This screen is also easy to set up and use, so you can get the most out of your viewing.