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Projector Screen Wall Hooks

This 3d high brightness projector screen anti light metal screen with hooks is perfect for attaching to a wall to provide a bright and cheerful space to art or display your products.

With Hook Metal Anti Fall Off

1pair Home Wall Mounted L

By Unbranded


Home With Hook Metal Anti Fall Off

1pair Wall Mounted L Bracket

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Projector Screen Wall Hooks Target

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Projector Screen Wall Hooks Amazon

This 3d high brightness projector screen is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your room with its anti light metal screen and hooks. With two sets of hooks, this screen can be adapted to your needs and looks great with any decor. these wall hooks are perfect for holding your projector screen up to display in your home or office. The comfortable elasticity of the fabric allows for easy hanging, and the hooks make it easy to get to your projector without needing to take off your gear. this projector screen wall hooks is ideal for hooking up with electric projectors or screens. The hooks are made from sturdy plastic and are precision-made to fit perfectly around the wall. The hooks come with small screws to keep everything in place, making it easy to use. The projector screen projection hook can be attached to the wall with quick and easy of installation. It has adjustable hooks to fit any size and high-strength canvas wall mount to keep your screen up and running.