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Projector Screen Material

If you're looking for a touchscreen projectant screen with an outdoor movie theater look-booking partner, the 2022 150 foldable projector screen is the perfect choice. This planesketch paper screen material has a 3d movie feel with its pea screen material and adjustable level of light. With an outdoor screen size of 169 degrees, it's perfect for any projectant.

Material Ambient Light Rejecting Fabric 70x118 Inch For Max
Projection Outdoor Theater With Blower
Bare Projection Material Usa Made & Sold!

150" PRO Grade 2.35:1 Projector

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16:9 Wall Mounted 4k 60-150
Projector Screen Bare Projection Material Usa Made!!!


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16:9 Hd Hanging Projection Screen 3d Movie Screen
Material Sample For Test

VIVIDSTORM 3 Type Projector Screen



Outdoor Retractable Projector Screen

Looking to buy a retractable projector screen? sparksite offers you the best deals on quality outdoor projector screens. We have a variety of retractable projector screens to choose from, all of which are top quality and easy to use. No matter what you need to see or protect your property from the outside. Our outdoor projector screens are the perfect choice for you.

Retractable Projector Screen Mechanism

This retractable projector screen mechanism is perfect for a small home cinema that needs to produce a 3d movie outdoors. The screen is foldable for easy storage and access, and it has a standard 3d movie clip size of at least 60 minutes. The screen also includes a retractable screen mirror for contrast control or show cinemascope quality images. The screen is also laden with features and amenities to make projectors and movie glasses partners for a smooth, powerful and easy-to-use retractable projector screen mechanism. this 16ft inflatable movie projector screen is perfect for outside in home theater applications. The lightweight and durable material is easy to set up and tear down. With a blower function, this projectable screen is perfect for any up-and-coming movie theater or indoor red-light zone. Get the most out of your outdoor movie show with this easy to set up and take down projector screen. are you looking for a large, outdoor projectivist screen that can project up to 16"x24" in any direction? look no further than our 16-24ft inflatable movie projector screen projection outdoor theater with blower. This large, outdoor projector screen is perfect for using at home or in the car to projected images up to 16"x24" in all directions. With a durable construction, this screen is perfect for any outdoorsman or movie theater. this 16ft. Inflatable movie projector screen is perfect for outside movie screenings or as a project screen for a home theater. The screen is made of durable materials and has a long life-time with a low price-tag.