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Homegear Projector Screen

Introducing the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor use! The homegear fast fold is our portable projector screen that provides 90 entered hd movies with up to 110 saw-like images with ease. Whether you’re watching your movie videos on the go with the added feature of a freezable spot on the side!

Homegear Motorized Projector Screen

The home gear motorized projector screen is one of the best and most innovative projects that we have ever seen. It is a work of art and makes every movie or television show a duplex viewing experience. we could not be happier with the progress that our team is making with this project than to be able to tinker with the system the way that we do. The final product is even more amazing than the beginning. we are excited to show our friends and family this amazing piece of technology and see what they think. As for us, we just want you to experience it for yourself and watch one movie at a time from our screen. here is a quick overview of what this system can do: 1. Show both up to quality level 2. Show any movie with multiple parts 3. Show multiple screens in one system 4. Show any movie with sound 5. Play movies and tv shows without commercials 6. Play movies and tv shows with sound 7. Play movies and tv shows with sound and audio 9. Play movies and tv shows with both audio and video.

110 Inch Motorized Projector Screen

This is a 106 inch electric motorized projector screen that can be used to watch movies or tv shows through if you have a tv with aoads like a tv stand. The screen is projectable with a remote that you can use to control the projectable screen with or without sound, or to turn it into a live tv screen. The screen also has an electronic image sensor to get the most beautiful images you can imagine. The screen is also covered in anti-skip filters to protect it from damage. this projector screen is a great addition to your home gear fast fold portable 100 projector screen. With it, you can get a high-definition projector screen with a motorised screen. This allows you to watch movies or tv shows with better quality. It is also available in 169 hd format. are you looking for a homegear 110 motorized projector screen? if so, you're in luck! This screen is perfect for watching your favorite movie or video use with a easy remote control movement. Plus, it's equipped with a powerful 43 hd electric motor that will make sure you get the most out of your movie. this homegear 106 169hd electric motorized projector screen is perfect for your television set. With a 16-inch screen, it can show videos in a 1440-pixel resolution or more. The mounting brackets make it easy to get the screen on and off your television set.