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Fixed Projector Screen

This is a perfect gift for themaxstar customer who is looking for a high quality fixed projector screen. This screen is made of aluminum and has a black velvet matte gray frame. It has a great look and feel to it. It is perfect for a home use or office use.

White Material

STR-16992 Silver Ticket 92" Fixed

By Silver Ticket Products


Grey Material

STR-169100-G Silver Ticket 100" Fixed

By Silver Ticket Products


At Material

STR-16992-WAB Silver Ticket 92" Fixed

By Silver Ticket Products


Firehawk 110'' 16:9 Theater Fixed Projector Screen

READ Stewart Filmscreen FireHawk 110''

By Stewart Filmscreen


Fixed Frame Projector Screen -

Silver Ticket Products STR-169120 120"

By Silver Ticket Products


Innovations 7 Series Black Diamond 92

Screen Innovations 7 Series Black

By Screen Innovations


Fixed Projector Screen Walmart

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Cheap Fixed Projector Screen

This projector screen is made of white, fixated, durable screen material that will keep your projector running and running your movie. This screen is large enough to show all your movies with or show only a portion of a movie. this maxstar 106 169 fixed projector screen is a great choice for those who want quality vision with limited budget. The screen is made of aluminum frame and has a black velvet matte white mattewhite matte finish. Itmeasures at 54"l x 30"w x 6"h. The projectors maximum brightness is 350 lite or 5, 000 light hours, making it a great choice for large families or schools. this is a maxstar projectors screen which is set up with a fixed projector. The screen is aluminum frame with black velvet lining which looks great and protects the screen from damage. the maxstar fixed frame projector gray screen is caused by a card not being able to find and install the fixed frame. We recommend you remove the fixed frame and try to power up your projector.