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Da Lite Projector Screen Prices

This powerful, 6-foot projector screen is perfect for displaying images on small spaces. It has an on-demand delivery system that makes it easy to get your project ideas up on the screen. Plus, it has a simple set up that is only required by some home businesses.

Da Lite Projector Screens

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Da-lite Portable Projector Screen

The da-lite portable projector screen is perfect for anyone looking for a goodailand-made movie experience. This 6 foot projector screen is perfect for watching movies in your room, or anywhere you want to be seen. With a resolution of 18gggg, it will let you see quality movies in ways that only a 6 foot projector screen can. the da-lite 6 foot projector screen is a great option for those who want a screens for their home or office. It is made from durable materials that will last for years, and can be placed in any location with ease. Additionally, it has several available prices per each, so there is no one that knows how to set up. Additionally, it has a green light to show up in areas where it is not working, and a long length to ensure easy installation. 6-foot-by-6-foot screen that can project up to 6 feet away from the center of the screen. It is available in black and blue. this is a great projector screen for use in your home or office. The da-lite motorized projector screen is an easy to use and lightweight projector screen that can be set up in minutes. With its easy to use controls and lightweight design, this projector screen is perfect for any room or space. There are several da-lite projector screens available on the market, so choose the perfect one for your needs.