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60 In Projector Screen

This portable projector screen is perfect for outdoor cinema or home cinema. With its 3d movie resolution, this screen is perfect for watching movies outdoors. Also great for streaming movies online.


100" 4:3 Material Electric Motorized

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With Stand 100 Inch 16:9 Hd 4k Projector Home Theaters 3d Movie
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60-120in 4:3 HD Portable Foldable

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Cloth Anti-light Reflective Curtain

4k HD Folding Indoor 16/9

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60 Inch Projector Screen

My experience with the 60 inch projector screen was very positive. I had a very clear show of events for my company's red lobster dietary restaurant. The viewing area was comfortable for all of our customers. The rip-off camera was a great addition to our marketing arsenal. And, the customer service was amazing. now, I'm sure there are would be variations of how well this projector would work in a room, but overall I had a great experience with the film screen. A must for any company looking to launch a dietary restaurant business.

60 Inch Pull Down Projector Screen

This 60 inch pull down projector screen is perfect for your outdoor cinema theater. It is a portable foldable projector screen that can be taken from one end of the screen to the other, making it perfect for travelling. It has a 3d movie format that can be watched on a computer or tv, and can be used as a standalone screen in your cinema. the 60 projector screen with keyston projection system is perfect for use in media centers, home theaters, or any place where a largescreen is needed. The screen is made of durable plastic and has a thick bezuelle cloth mat to protect it from damage. The keyston projector system uses a powerful suggested retail price (srp) of $19. This projector system has a 5 star rating on amazon. this projector screen is made of 100% electric motorized indoor projector screen. It features a 43 inch screen with a black color. It is perfect for watching projection film or projection screen shows in your home or office. The screen is also powerable with a single outlet using a standard ac adapter. This projector screen is a great choice for anyone looking for a portable projectable screen. this 6-bay, 60" projector screen is a great option for a home cinema theater. It's about 150 feet wide, and it has a large, easy-to-use lateral hinge. This screen is also lightweight, so it can be moved around without issue. It has a clear glass front, and it has a long, thin cable.